Participant List and Index of Sample Content

The following is a complete list of people interviewed for the oral history component of the Talking Radical project that resulted in the books. The links from their names lead to pages with a brief bio and whatever audio or textual material from their interview has been posted to the site. If you are looking for material related to a particular kind of struggle, location, or era, please use the search box in the sidebar.

Those participants indicated with a “*” have been made the centre of a chapter in one of the books. Those indicated with a “#” are known to have passed away since the interviews were done.

Name Location Movement
Lynn Brooks Yellowknife women, anti-violence, disability
Rosemary Brown Calgary anti-racism, peace
# Roy Carless Hamilton labour, media
# Elsie Dean Vancouver peace, general
Audi Dharmalingam Toronto anti-racism, community
# Muriel Duckworth Halifax peace, women, community
*# Rev. Shelley Davis Finson Halifax, Toronto feminism in Christian contexts
John Friesen Winnipeg labour, anti-poverty, community
Carolina Gajardo Toronto immigrant and refugee rights, anti-dictatorship (Chile)
Jojo Geronimo Toronto anti-racism, labour, anti-neocolonial
* Josephine Grey Toronto human rights, anti-poverty
# Dorothy Groves Calgary women
Ariel Harper Montreal, Halifax community economic development
Richard Hudler London gay liberation
* Lynn Jones Halifax anti-racism, labour, community
Rita Kohli Toronto women’s anti-violence, anti-racism
* Lee Lakeman Vancouver women’s anti-violence
Mel Lehan Vancouver community, labour
* Donna MacPhee Calgary Aboriginal, environment, anti-poverty
* Kathy Mallett Winnipeg Aboriginal, women, community
Cindy McCallum Winnipeg labour, women
Theresa Meuse-Dallien Lantz, Nova Scotia Aboriginal education, Aboriginal spirituality and cultural awareness
Christine Morrissey and Bridget Coll Vancouver LGBT rights, international solidarity
* Shree Mulay Montreal South Asian, women
Greta Hofmann Nemiroff Montreal women’s liberation, education
Rev. David Nobu-tsune Murata Winnipeg community, anti-racism
Fo Niemi Montreal anti-racism
* Roger Obonsawin Toronto Aboriginal rights
Brian O’Neill St. John’s, Halifax anti-poverty, international solidarity, labour
*# Madeleine Parent Montreal labour, women
William Patterson Calgary labour
Daniel Paul Halifax Aboriginal
Betty Peterson Halifax peace, community development, Aboriginal solidarity
# Ron Poynter Hamilton labour, anti-fascist
*# Charles Roach Toronto civil rights law, anti-racism
# Wey Robinson Hamilton and Toronto tenant organizing, anti-poverty
*# Frank and *#Isabel Showler Toronto peace, international solidarity, labour
Eric Shragge Montreal community, peace
* Sadeqa Siddiqui Montreal immigrant rights, South Asian, women, women’s anti-violence
Shahina Siddiqui Winnipeg anti-Islamophobia, community
# Robert Silverman Montreal environment, international solidarity
* Doreen Spence Calgary Aboriginal
Leslie Spillett Winnipeg Aboriginal, women
Yvonne Stanford Calgary peace, women
Joan Thomson Calgary labour, women, education
* Chris Vogel and * Richard North Winnipeg gay and lesbian liberation
*# Don Weitz Toronto anti-psychiatry