Every community, every workplace, and every individual life in Canada owe some of their current shape to long histories of struggle by ordinary people. And the lives we live tomorrow, next year, and in seven generations will be shaped by the struggles going on today.

Since its beginning in the early 2000s, Talking Radical has been a multifaceted project grounded in grassroots voices from across Canada and aimed at people who think movements matter. Since the end of the radio show in 2023, Scott Neigh has been taking a breather to work on a book and to figure out where Talking Radical should go next.

The Show TRR_logo_100x100 — From 2013 to 2023, Talking Radical Radio brought more than 500 in-depth interviews with participants in social movements in the context of so-called Canada to community radio stations and online outlets. Check out some reflections based on that decade of work or browse through the episodes here.
cover_images_for_blog_3The Books — Oral history interviews with long-time activists done between 2000 and 2003 became Gender and Sexuality: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists and Resisting the State: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists, published by Fernwood Publishing in 2012. The focus on the words of participants provides an entry into history that is accessible and engaging, while generous use of historical context and challenging ideas allow readers to see these single lives as parts of larger patterns. Available through your local independent bookseller or wherever books are sold.