Audio links are fixed!

Hello, supporters of Talking Radical!

I posted late last week about how the major site upgrade at — the main mechanism for listening online to Talking Radical Radio — had the unexpected consequences of breaking every single audio link for the show on

Most of the last week has been spent addressing that problem. There were a couple of different ways that I could have done it, but I ended up deciding to create an account on and host all of the episodes there in addition to their home at

Here is a recap of the ways you can listen to Talking Radical Radio:

1) On select community radio stations across Canada. This list is a bit out of date, but it is a place to start in seeing whether your local station carries it:

2) If your local station doesn’t carry it but you want it to, you can put them in touch with me at scottneigh[at] (There are a few different ways that stations can get the broadcast version of the show, either directly from me or via the National Campus and Community Radio Association’s Community RadioExchange site.)

3) Of course you can continue to go where most online listeners find the show, (and be sure to check out their snazzy new site while you’re there!):

4) And of course you can also always find the show at

5) Now you can also stream it or download it from This is useful, because the new configuration of does not currently allow listeners to download the MP3 for offline listening, but folks who prefer to listen that way are able to do that at SoundCloud. Check it out here:

6) Some of you may also find it useful to have the feed for the episodes as hosted on SoundCloud:

I will continue to make small changes to the site over the next couple of days.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for listening!

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