Hello, supporters of Talking Radical!

As I noted in a post earlier this week, — the site that distributes the version of Talking Radical Radio for online listening — has undergone a major site upgrade. At the time, I was noting that because it meant this week’s episode had to go up a day later than usual. (It is now up and circulating and I encourage you to listen to it!)

However, it has just come to my attention that the upgrade has had some other challenging consequences for the site. One is that the feed that I embed with links to the postings of the episodes is broken. That will, I think, be easy enough to fix in the next several days.

The other problem, however, is more serious. I don’t know a lot about what changes were made by, but I think they may have switched hosting services for their podcast network. And for the episode posts on this site, I have almost always simply linked to the audio file as hosted by However, now all of the links are broken to all of the episodes except the one I posted today. While I know old episodes don’t get tons of traffic, and most that they do get is probably through the site itself, I still will need to figure out how to fix this. It probably won’t happen immediately, but rest assured, I’m on it!

Thanks, as always, for your support of Talking Radical Radio and the larger Talking Radical project, and I encourage you to browse through the episodes from the last few months on and listen to any that strike your fancy!

I’ll do my best to figure out a solution to this problem as soon as possible!

Scott 8)

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