Hello, supporters of Talking Radical!

It was just brought to my attention that any emails sent to [email protected] over the last little while have been bouncing. That account is set to forward everything to my personal address, which I use for all Talking Radical business anyway — if I’ve ever emailed you then you have an address that works, so this did not interfere in any regular correspondence, but if you dug up the address from this site and tried to get in touch with me, for the last little bit you would’ve been out of luck. Which is obviously a bad, bad state of affairs for any sort of publically-oriented project. And I had no idea.

My sincerest apologies if you tried to get in touch with me and were unable! But the problem has now been fixed, so if by chance a flood of unsolicited interview possibilities and stations with inquiries about broadcasting the show had begun during that interval, it can now resume. 🙂

SN 8)

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