Radio — Activists meeting, learning, and recharging in rural Nova Scotia


On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, I speak with Hillary Lindsay and Omri Haiven. They speak with me about a project called the Tatamagouche Summer Free School, which brings together activists at the end of August each year to learn from each other and to recharge for a new season of involvement in struggles for social change.

The free school is held on Waldegrave Farm, a community land trust — that is, collectively held land stewarded for the benefit of the community — located near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, on that province’s north shore. The land gets used in many other ways for the rest of the year, but at the end of the summer, up to 100 people gather for several days to be a part of what the event’s web page describes as “a radical education space that offers people tools to create a more just, sustainable and joyful world.” They come from as near as the local village and as far as Montreal, though most come from various parts of Nova Scotia. Many but not all are involved in social change work of one kind or another in their everyday lives. They come together to encounter people involved in social change work different from their own, to engage in political and practical learning in a wide range of areas, and to recharge and reinvigorate themselves through celebration and social togetherness.

Hillary Lindsay has been involved in organizing the Tatamagouche Summer Free School since its inception. Omri Haiven has been a regular attendee in recent years, and this year is on the school’s programming committee. They talk with me about the setting, the preparations, the event, and the breadth of the radical learning that happens there.

To learn more about the Tatamagouche Summer Free School, click here.

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