Radio — Resistance at Elsipogtog Part 2: A case study in grassroots journalism


This week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio is the second of two based on an interview with Miles Howe. Howe is an editor and a journalist with the Halifax local of The Media Co-op, a co-operatively organized grassroots media network with locals and working groups in cities across the country. Over the last year, Howe has provided truly excellent coverage of the struggle against hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and against colonization in New Brunswick, which has been lead by people from the Elsipogtog First Nation and quite broadly supported in the area.

Last week, Howe talked about the context, background, and overview of the struggle in New Brunswick. This week’s episode features the portion of our conversation in which Howe stepped back a bit from that immediate struggle, which has occupied so much of his atteniton in the last year, and used that experience as a basis for reflecting on what it means to engage in grassroots journalism, how it differs from mainstream journalism, and what he hopes that such work can accomplish.

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