Radio — NOFRAC: A coalition against fracking in Nova Scotia


On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, Jennifer West and Catherine Abreu talk about their work with a provincial coalition that opposes hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Nova Scotia.

As stores of easily accessible fossil fuels have been depleted by the rapacious engine that is capitalism, we have not entered the realm of absolute shortages that was once expected. Rather, higher prices have made it more economically feasible to exploit fossil fuel deposits that are both more expensive and considerably more environmentally destructive to extract than conventional reserves. While Canada’s most massive contribution to this process is the Alberta tar sands, the version that is most likely to show up in smaller sites throughout the country is fracking. Novel, relatively unstudied, and fraught with risks, this process has been subject to noisy resistance around the world. And that includes Nova Scotia, where a coalition of larger, established environmental organiations and grassroots groups in affected and potentially affected communities has come together to demand a ten-year moritorium on fracking in the province, to do extensive education work both with the public and with public officials, and to support local organizing on the ground. West and Abreu talk with me about fracking and about the Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition, or NOFRAC.

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