Radio — Men working with men against violence against women



On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, Ian Ford talks about working with other men against the violence faced by women and to transform masculinity.


Many people who work to end the violence faced by women and other gender-oppressed people have long pointed out that responses which focus on changing the behaviour of women — don’t go there, don’t wear that, and so on — are not only inadequate but are also sexist and unjust. Instead, we must work to change both the men and the institutions that are responsible for the vast majority of this violence. This is not, as today’s interview participant makes clear, a matter of bashing men, but of working with men to challenge the ideas and attitudes and practices we all learn, across many different spheres of our lives, that reinforce and reproduce social relations of gender oppression. And it involves introducing men to the idea that not only are we privleged by that particular facet of how our social world is organized, but we are also constrained by the dominant ways we are taught to do masculinity, and that both a more just world and a richer realization of our humanity can only come through opposing gender oppression and gender-based violence. Ian Ford works with a community-based education project called I Can MANifest Change. He talks to me about the work that they do with men and boys.


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