Canadian Social Movement Podcast — Six Months and Counting

For six months now, the single biggest project on my plate has been Talking Radical Radio, a radio show and podcast that brings you grassroots voices from across Canada. The weekly, half-hour show features in-depth interviews with people involved in a broad range of social change work reflecting on what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

It can currently be heard on several stations — though another station in southern Ontario is poised to pick up the show, and as the fall schedule change approaches it is possible that not all that are currently broadcasting it will continue to do so — and is available to a national audience as a podcast on

The shows to date have featured interviews with people who do their work in cities from Halifax to Vancouver, as well as rural and northern areas, and have spanned seven different provinces. Areas of work discussed by interviewees so far include anti-colonial music, the struggle for trans equality, worker co-operatives, the student movement, organizing among immigrant workers, indigenous people reclaiming land and building power, keeping an eye on the cops, poor women organizing against violence and poverty, the fight against street harassment, anti-war work, childcare in our movements, and lots of other things.

Please check out the show! If you have some connection to campus or community radio and you think your station might want to broadcast Talking Radical Radio, please be in touch at scottneigh[at] And if you know of any interesting social change activities happening in your town that you think might make a good show — a group, a project, an initiative, or just a person who does great radical stuff — I want to hear about them!

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