Radio — Making childcare integral to our movements: The Montreal Childcare Collective



On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, organizer Noah Eidelman talks about the work of the Montreal Childcare Collective to make care for children an integral part of Montreal’s vibrant radical activist scene.


Making our households, our families, our friendship networks, and our communities function takes immense amounts of work — work that is often unpaid, that is disproportionately done by women, and that mostly is not even recognized as work, or even as important at all. One essential element of that work is care for others, notably children. The disregard for and devaluing of this carework that permeates mainstream society is often no less present in social movement spaces. This, in turn, shapes who can and can’t participate actively in movements, and how they can, and largely determines the ways in which this work gets done in and around movements. It even sometimes plays a role in what gets seen as real political work and what does not.


The Montreal Childcare Collective is a group of people in Montreal committed to recognizing caring for children as an inherent part of our movements, as a collective responsibility, and as work that must be shared in order to make our movements fair, fully participatory, sustainable, and genuinely radical. Eidelman talks about the group, its work, and some of the politics of carework as they pertain to radical social movements in Montreal and beyond.


To learn more about the Montreal Childcare Collective, click here.


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