Website Problems: Weird But Solved

I have had some very peculiar website problems this week, though I’m not sure how many potential readers were actually stopped from reaching the site because of these problems. I, myself, was unable to access this site at all for two days this week, while I had no problems accessing any other site. This sounds like a problem at the level of my web hosting service but investigation showed that it was in fact a problem with my internet service provider’s network. After far too much of my time, they were able to get the appropriate information to the appropriate high-level tech to fix whatever the problem was — that happened at about 8:30 pm last night — but they have so far not provided me with any kind of explanation. I will continue to inquire, just because the specificity of the problem was so bizarre, but as far as the site goes, my apologies to anyone who ran into the same difficulties that I did in accessing it, and I hope that it works for everyone now.

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