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talking radical: a history of canada through the eyes of activists
by laura k (December 12, 2012)

Scott Neigh, who writes the blog A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land, has published a pair of books that “enter Canadian history-from-below through the words of long-time activists.” You can learn more about these books and who is featured in them at Scott’s Talking Radical website.

I attended a book-launch event for Neigh’s books because my friend and comrade Frank Showler was speaking. Frank, who was a war resister during the second World War, is a stalwart supporter of the War Resisters Support Campaign – and all peace activism – and I was there to show support to Frank. But of course I learned from every speaker, and from the perspectives of many people in the audience.

Neigh talked about what he learned from interviewing long-time Canadian activists – the connections between the past and the present, the sense of continuity as we continue these struggles, the connections between the individual experience and the larger social history – the proof that our actions matter.

Neigh touched on how… (Click through to wmtc to read the rest of the post)

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