Inheriting Resistance: A Community History Project

This is an exciting project from the people at No One Is Illegal – Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver.

They write:

NOII will be documenting the untold stories of people in our communities who have been involved in and who have shaped a diversity of social justice struggles on unceded Coast Salish Territories over the past 20-40 years. We will be interviewing 10-12 people and will be posting shorter, edited videos and transcripts of interviews throughout the year. In 2012, we will be launching a booklet with compiled archival material as well as the full-length video interviews.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch briefly with one of the people doing this work, thanks to a mutual friend. For further information about the project, see here, and for the first video they released, with long-time anti-poverty activist Jean Swanson, see here.

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